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Immersed in the jewellery industry at a very young age, it’s only natural that you grow to love gems and see jewellery
as part of your life.

In my case, it’s not a fairy tale. At the only age of 1, my siblings were all abroad. Jewellery naturally became my toys and playmates. I would watch my mum serving her customers and imitate her using my dogs
as customers to role play.

Why did I fall in love with jewels? The romance came about when my grandpa and mum use to tell me stories about their life and the jewellery trade. They would talk about their inspirations that they had for their curated pieces.

At 7, I was ready to join my siblings in Singapore. Not the average girl; I love adventuring like mountain biking, outdoor activities and hiking.

Finishing university saw me, graduating as a mechanical engineer. Armed with an analytical mindset, I decided to experiment at our factory and that’s when I realised that jewellery industry is more than meets the eye. I decided to further my studies at the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA). From then on, it was no turning back for me.

Coming back to Singapore to try out what my parents have been doing in Indonesia. Trying to be the story teller for our designs was much simpler than coming up with the designs itself. This was tough as my background was not in the Arts. We did our best and in a few years later we were on par with the market players using technology and 3D CAD drawing.

The decision to take a leap of faith to having a team and make Singapore the base to the international market.
Today we have a studio where we can sit have tea and admire gem stones and jewelry designs … a dream come true for us.

Welcome to visit us and make your special bijou that truly reflects your style. CW Jewels…where dreams become reality…💎

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